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Durable Aluminum Roof Shingle Company Reinke Shakes

If you’re searching for shingles for your home or business, Reinke Shakes is the best choice for durable roof shingles. We can supply shingles for any project size, or shape. Custom colors are available for large orders. To find out more about our copper and aluminum shingles company, call Reinke Shakes at 402-768-7251 today!

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Roof squares and quantity

It takes 1 square of Reinke Shakes will cover 96 feet of ridge or hip. For Geodesic Domes: A rule-of-thumb is "Diameter" times "Diameter" times.015 This will equal the number of squares you need. If your dome has extensions, use the standard roof formulas from above, and add it to the basic dome.

Durable Aluminum Roof Shingle Company Reinke Shakes

Reinke Shakes Metal Shingles, made in Hebron Nebraska, USA since 1976. We are convinced that Reinke Shakes are the most durable and toughest aluminum shingles ever made. Reinke Shakes are also available in 100% Pure, Solid, Copper.

Hurricane, Tornado & Hail Proof Aluminum Shingles Reinke

Contractors said that Reinke Shakes aluminum shingles stood up to the harsh weather better than any other shingles. While every other brand of shingle had at least a few blown completely off, of the over 95,000 Reinke Shakes shingles installed in the area, not even one was found blown off or worked loose. Caribbean Engineering & Design, Miami FL.

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Reinke Shakes shingles were first installed in 1976. They have stood the test of time and are still doing what a roof should do, protecting everything below it. 7. With all the shingles that have been installed for over 40 years, we have proven, without any doubt, that this system works.

Metal Shake Shingles & Roofing Materials Manufacturer

REINKE SHAKES can be cut by scoring and bending. Shingle is bent to form rake of roof. Shingle is bent to form ridge and hip of roof. No special accessories required.

Recycled Roof Shingles & Copper Roofing Shingles Reinke

Eco-Friendly Recycled Roof Shingles At Reinke Shakes, we are constantly working on and developing the strongest and most eco-friendly aluminum and copper roofing shingles on the market. As the manufacturer, we don’t personally install these shingles, however, we are able to ship any of our shakes to you in a timely manner for installation.

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Considering its roots in the Midwest, the company has also provided roofing for countless agricultural buildings. Reinke Shakes shingles adorn residential homes, commercial buildings, and churches alike. Even Alabama’s tallest skyscraper, the RSA Battle House Tower in Mobile, is crowned with Reinke Shakes copper shingles.

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Web Result REINKE SHAKES INC. -- SUPERIOR WARRANTY Look at the facts. The average homeowner will re-shingle 3-4 times in a fifty-year period. Conventional shingles plus installation will cost almost double that of Reinke Shakes over the same 50 years.

Aluminum Shakes by Reinke Natural Spaces Domes

These aluminum shakes reflect heat, providing a cooler roof, especially with our ventilated roof system. Reinke Shakes’ big selling points: 50 year limited warranty they are called “The 100 year roof”, extremely high wind resistance, very rigid against hail damage and snow slides off. Hermosa, Florida –

Shake up your roof: What is Shake-Style roofing? | Long

Roofing has changed a lot since the wooden shake shingles of the old days. Today’s homeowners looking to complement their cottage or rustic-style homes should look at the plethora of modern shake-style roofing options available to them. What Is Shake-Style Roofing? Shake shingles traditionally have been made of wood.

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I have finally completed the installation of my Reinke Shake roof on the lower story of my story-and-a-half house, and IT IS THE MOST GORGEOUS ROOF IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. I have several neighbors interested in the Reinke Shakes, especially William, he is on vacation this week, so probably won't be ordering for two weeks.

Roofing Shingles Vs. Cedar Shakes Costs, Plus Pros & Cons

When used in roof covering, wood can be either shakes or shingles. Wood shakes have been used for centuries. They are split from logs and often left as split to retain the textured, rough-hewn effect. Source: Kuhl’s Contracting A wood shake is instantly recognizable by its thick butt end. With the...

2019 Aluminum Shingles Cost | Aluminum Shingle Roof Price

Mar 26, 2019· Aluminum roofing also needs to be inspected for loose shingles and screws that are coming out. With a shingle roof, once one shingle becomes loose, it is easy for the others to work themselves loose. Sure, this makes shingle roofs easier

17 Types of Roof Shingles [The Complete Guide]

If you’re thinking about roofing a house or some other structure, you NEED to know a little bit about the types of roof shingles available.... Shake Roof Shingles.... Here’s a closeup view of an asphalt roof shingle. Asphalt roof shingles were invented around 1901 in Grand Rapids, MI by H.M. Reynolds Shingle

7 Best Metal Roof Shingles: Costs, Features, Reviews

If you want to install metal shingles over your house, you have an unprecedented variety of profiles, styles and colors to choose from. In recent years, metal roofing shingles have grown in popularity because of an unbeatable combination of features. They are less expensive than standing seam panels, beautifully replicate the look of other upscale roofing materials, offer a long service life...

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What is a roof shake? A shake is typically described as a wooden shingle that is made from split logs. When these are used for covering the top of a house, the result is a shake roof. Natural wood roof shakes can be very expensive, are naturally flamable, and require a lot of upkeep over their lifetime in order to provide long-lasting protection.

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A shake is a basic wooden shingle made from split logs. Shakes have traditionally been used for roofing and siding applications around the world. Higher-grade shakes are typically used for roofing purposes, while the lower grades are used for siding.

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